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October 10 2012


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Flowers are an important element of festivities, religious and cultural events. Blossoms and foliage are arranged to create interesting designs. While fresh flowers are primarily found in floral arrangements, they're sometimes along with artificial and dried flowers to enhance the appearance of the bouquets.

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There are several flower-arranging designs. You can try out various strategies to create an aesthetically pleasant arrangement.

Forms of flower bouquets

Mass arrangements

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Inspired through the traditional European type of arranging flowers, a mass arrangement of flowers results in a closed and thick silhouette. This geometric design uses vast amounts of plant materials. Rather than emphasizing on individual components, it concentrates on appearance of the floral arrangement. Typically the most popular designs in mass arrangements are oval or round shapes. Because so many flowers can be found in this form anyway, round flower arrangements develop a serene ambiance. Triangular arrangements are really attractive. It is employed for creating beautiful colorful bouquets.

Line arrangements

Line arrangements are inspired through the Japanese style of arranging flowers. Unlike mass arrangements, line arrangements use less plant materials. They concentrate on individual flowers or foliage. With three contrasting forms dominating the preparation, this sort of floral arrangement offers an empty silhouette. While mass arrangements focus on symmetry, the linear arrangements will be more asymmetrical.

Line-mass arrangements

This type of bouquet combines japan line preparation using the European mass preparation. It's a clearer form of floral arrangement with plenty of open space. With all the mass preparation occupying the central area, additional foliage or blooms are employed to offer a linear fit around the preparation.

Role of color in flower arrangements

The colours of the blooms as well as the foliage play a huge role in floral preparation. You should use similar colors or perhaps a mixture of different colors. The colors are chosen according to occasion. Bright colors for example red, yellow and orange produce a warm and happy ambiance. They are right for celebrations including birthdays or anniversaries.

White and cool colors such as blue, violet and green are more suited to somber occasions. They create an excellent and serene environment. While decorating an area with flowers, these colors may be used to contrast bright colors of walls or furnishing.

To produce a monochromatic color harmony, select colors of the hue or different tones of the color. Colors which are close to the other person around the color wheel bring creating analogous color harmony. An interesting contrasting color harmony could be creating through the use of blooms of colors which can be opposite to each other on the color wheel.

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